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The synergy is magical, and with the generated value, we aim to add color to whoever life our practice touches.​

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Nowadays it’s crazily hard to keep up with all the channels, trends and needs to address and communicate with your audiences – brands like yours need to keep the pace to become and remain relevant.​

Our tailored ecosystem allows you to act dynamically upon the challenges of the market with a deep knowledge and understanding of all relevant stakeholders. With a sounding board and constant co-creation at the core, we build a vivid ecosystem surrounding your brand – and with this a sharpened profile and a unique selling point to stand out from the competition. Let's identify and make your stakeholders drivers for your brand, product and cause. ​
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Same same, but we made the difference


Years together
Award winning strategy
Vision.A Award


PTAs part of our community
Deutschlandweites Dialogmarketing für Apotheken, aber modern und spannend. Mit PAUL HARTMANN, einem europaweit führenden Anbieter von Systemlösungen für Medizin und Pflege, sind wir genau dafür verantwortlich.

Wir unterstützen die verkaufsfördernden Maßnahmen mit unserer Umsetzung der klassischen Dialogmarketing Bestandteile, denen wir dabei ein relevantes und modernes Auftreten verpassen. Das Ganze verknüpfen wir mit der digitalen Umsetzung Apotheken spezifischer Maßnahmen und verbinden dabei zusätzlich die Welt der Wundversorgungsmaterialen mit der von Social Media.

Co-creation with sounding board – powerful differentiation for brands

Our AbZ case​

Same same, but we made the difference


Years together
Award winning strategy
Vision.A Award


PTAs part of our community
At first, AbZ-Pharma was just another generic pharmaceutical brand – 100% equal to its competitors.
Entertainment, humor or fun seemed miles away from the pharma world...until the new AbZ appeared on stage: cheeky and humorous, bright pink and completely different than anybody else.

We broke every rule - and gained a lot of good friends on the way. The PTA Rat/PTA council is our longest running sounding board and builds a genuine connection between AbZ and their most important stakeholders, the PTAs (pharmaceutical technical assistants).

Co-creation with sounding board – powerful differentiation for brands

Our Tullamore D.E.W. case​

A strong community
is the key to success


Years together


Poetry slams
supported per year


Faster growth than the whiskey category
Tullamore D.E.W is the market leader of the Blended Irish Whiskeys in Germany with a great story to tell. The challenge: Tully fans have always been truly loyal to their favourite whiskey brand... and grew old with it.​

In order to freshen up both - the target group & the brand - we occupied the poetry slam scene. The constant exchange with the event organisers, poets and influencers from the scene – which became strong advocates and opinion leaders for Tullamore D.E.W. - build the core of this vibrant and unique ecosystem.

Building a strong community with your stakeholders and become a vital part of their lives.

Other ecosystems in the making​


A fresh brand image, innovative drinking occasions and a unique campaign concept – With Malteserkreuz Aquavit we are entering the playing field of a striking ecosystem. Step by step.​


We developed the patient advisory board for the German Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Companies. The generated insights allow us to develop content formats with truly relevant content for the target group. The foundation for a promising ecosystem, as we think.​ 

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